Any Time, Anywhere

The Posture Medic can be added to even the busiest of lifestyles. It is comfortable to wear, does not reduce your range of motion and it is easy to use.

Use it:

• At your home or office computer

• While driving

• When walking or standing

• While gaming, texting or on the phone

• At the gym to enhance your workout

A simple stretching and exercise routine is included in the user manual and can be done in just a few minutes per day.

Elderly woman wearing a Posture Medic posture corrector while baking.

Seniors, Adults, Teens, and Children

Our modern lifestyles have led to chronic poor posture. Sitting for hours a day has been researched to be as bad for your health as smoking. The simple design of the Posture Medic makes it suitable to wear, stretch with and exercise with at any age.

Posture Medic is sized for individuals 32 kg (70 pounds) or more. If you suffer from musculo-skeletal conditions, you should consult with your healthcare professional before use. They may be able to modify the use or exercises for your condition.

Children under 12 should be monitored to assure they are using the device safely and for its intended purposes.