Posture Medic comes in 9 colours.

The colours designate the size and strength.

Original Teal Extra Small

Original Strength Red Smalled

Original Strength Green Medium

Original Strength Yellow Large

Original Strength Black XLarge

The majority of new Posture Medic users should choose the Original Strength. It is less resistant and therefore more comfortable to wear.

Plus Strength Purple Small

Plus Strength Blue Medium

Plus Strength Gray Large

Plus Strength Orange XLarge

Sizing is very important

Ideally you purchase your Posture Medic at a location where you can try it on.

• Posture Medic should not force you into position (too small)

• Posture Medic should not pinch or cause strain in your armpits (too small)

• You should be able to bend & twist your body and lift your arms like you normally would

• You should only truly notice the device when you are misaligned and feel the back plate as a reminder

If you are between sizes on the chart, choose the larger size

Size chart

Important: This size chart estimates your shoulder girth based on an average body type for the heights and weights. If you are extremely petite or extra broad, you may need to factor that in when assessing your size. For best results, purchase your Posture Medic from your Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist or at another location where you can be properly sized.