Gain Instant Results

The moment you put it on, you will feel the difference.

Before and after using a Posture Medic posture corrector.
Elderly woman wearing a Posture Medic posture corrector while baking.

For all ages and abilities.

The simple design helps improves posture at any age and it is easy to use.



Choose a posture corrector that will support good back and shoulder posture while strengthening the supporting muscles. Most posture corrective braces only hold your shoulders in place, which weakens your posture supporting muscles. The Posture Medic was designed to support and strengthen your back posture muscles, which is why practitioners continue to recommend them.

Yes. You should notice instant results when you put it on. To improve your posture, you will need to use it regularly until your muscles re-learn correct positioning and strengthen. LEARN MORE

Yes. Posture Medic is appropriate for most ages and physical abilities. Some limitations exist for sizing and medical conditions, however. LEARN MORE

Yes, most people will be able to safely use a Posture Medic. For individuals with physical limitations, some exercises can be modified. If you have spinal or bone conditions, discuss Posture Medic with your healthcare professional before use.

Posture Medic can be purchased from thousands of Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinics across Canada. It can also be purchased online. LEARN MORE

The Posture Medic colours designate different sizes and strengths. Most sizes are available in both Original strength and a stronger Plus strength. LEARN MORE

The sizing chart uses your height and weight. For a perfect fit, however, we suggest you purchase from a location where you can try the Posture Medic on. LEARN MORE

Yes. The Posture Medic user guide includes both stretching and strengthening exercises that you can safely do with your Posture Medic. LEARN MORE

Yes. Posture Medic is recommended by Doctors of Chiropractic, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists and many other healthcare professionals.

Yes. The Posture Medic is designed to be a gentle posture reminder device that you only really notice when you are mis-aligned. The Posture Medic should not force you into position, as this can weaken the muscles related to posture. LEARN MORE