What is Posture Medic?

From the moment you put on the Posture Medic, you will feel the results. The device instantly teaches you how to correct your unique posture. The back plate provides a gentle reminder each time you start to slouch. The Posture Medic does not force you into the correct position, instead it is a proprioceptive reminder to correct your posture. Over time, you will re-train your muscles and improve your posture.

Deceptively simple looking
but engineered for results

Not a typical posture brace

Most posture braces do not improve posture. Instead, they force your body into position, weakening and creating atrophy for the very muscles you should be strengthening. Posture Medic does the opposite. It works with your body to strengthen and re-train your muscles. It creates as a gentle reminder to re-engage the muscles in your neck and back to correct your posture. With the Posture Medic you can Stretch, Strengthen and Stabilize the region.

Tonic vs Phasic Muscles

Health Benefits of Good Posture

Correcting your posture can dramatically affect your overall health and well-being. By using the Posture Medic to help you loosen tight muscles and strengthen weaker ones, you will allow the rest of your body to work better.

1. Improves concentration and mental acuity

2. Reduces the pain in your back and neck

3. Increases your range of motion

4. Reduces muscle tension

5. Provides better sleep

6. Reduces stress on lower and upper back

7. Improves muscle tone

8. Opens up your diaphragm, throat and windpipe,

9. helping you breathe better

10. Improves digestion

11. Improves your circulation

12. Improves your blood pressure

13. Improves nerve signals from the spine

14. Improves cerebrospinal (brain stem) fluid flow

15. Promotes proper growth development in children

16. Reduces the likelihood of spinal conditions such as herniated discs

17. Reduces pressure to kidneys, stomach, colon and other internal organs

18. Reduces dizziness, headaches and “pins & needles”

19. Reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and other types of joint damage